Do you have a Mid-Section Crisis? I do...

It’s time to have the conversation most women around the world know all too well. You are finally enjoying the beach vacation you’ve been looking forward to, but the swimsuit fit you started with this morning has now turned into a battle between you and your teenie Spandex nightmare.  With every bite of lunch, you squeeze your abs tighter conscious of the fact that you’ll have to stand up eventually.

For me, I sat at a little bistro in Laguna Beach and noticed that instead of being fully present in the moment I so deserved, I gave the familiar contraction of my abs to conceal my not-so-invisible bloating stomach. I tried to support my stomach the way my swimsuit should have but it simply fell short.

When designing the Swimspiration Maillot one piece, this was fore front in my mind.

The one piece is engineered with a bralette design and Dura-mesh on the tummy panal for better compression to help you look and feel more supported. Our suits are made with Econyl®️, a repurposed textile that offers more muscle compression, YAY! More support.  

This suit makes the post-lunch bloat an after-lunch glow allowing you to feel confident and present all day. For me, the Maillot is truly a carefree vacation swimsuit. It’s UV resistant and a great crossover piece, so I can start my day with morning yoga on the beach, soak up the sun, and throw on a flowing high-waisted skirt to enjoy a casual happy hour in a matter of minutes.

Check out the Maillot piece here in  Driftwood-Taupe, Cherry-Red, Malachite- Green

Swimspiration for Body and Soul,


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