Mercury Retrograde: September 27th-October 18th, 2021


Mercury Retrograde: September 27th-October 18th, 2021 

One of the most dreaded phrases in all of astrology: Mercury retrograde. But what exactly does Mercury retrograde entail, and what do you need to survive the last Mercury retrograde of 2021? 

What it is:

Mercury enters a retrograde state 3-4 times a year when the planet appears to begin a backwards rotation. Mercury, the planet of communication, can create deep communicative imbalances and chaos in all facets of your life when it enters retrograde.  The last M.R of 2021 is in Libra, ruled by Venus the planet of love. Consequently, this M.R. will stand out most in your social sphere. This retrograde invites you to reflect on and rebalance your most sacred relationships.



More this, Less that: 

More journaling on past relationships, less late night texting your ex. 

✨More backing up important electronic documents, less relying on technology.

✨More putting final touches on existing projects, less beginning work on new projects.

✨More flexibility and patience, less rushing and stress when traveling. 

Whether M.R is wreaking havoc on your life, or you’re having a more mild retrograde season, these crystals can help to bolster your communication, balance your emotions, and reveal clarity in your life. 


Lapis Lazuli:

💫Support in grounded, authentic communication by connecting you to your highest self and opening up to the wisdom of M.R.

Clear Quartz:
💫A crystal of pure clarity, eliminates obstacles in your path and enables deeper focus.
💫Emotions can run high during M.R, amethyst soothes and calms intense emotions, to reveal a more balanced disposition.
💫M.R is notorious for creating intensely frustrating electronic issues. Place Shungite on your computer, phone, car, etc. to help combat electronic woes and repel negativity from settling in your mind. 

Mercury Retrograde Shadow:

Don’t think you’re scot-free just yet, M.R shadow period lasts through November 1st, 2021. This two week period following 2021’s last M.R allows you to implement the wisdom gained during the retrograde period, and tie up any loose ends which may remain. Look out for continued electronic and communication glitches, they’re common as Mercury slowly resumes it’s prograde motion. 



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