Fashion Alignment with Crystals

I have been into gemstones and crystals since my ‘Boho-Chic’ brother Rudy introduced me to his “rock collection” decades ago.  I found so much inspiration in them — and naturally, crystals became my quiet motivator.  I would read about their healing properties and abundant energies from the Earth and of course how they influenced shaman, guru's, kings, and queens throughout history.  If it worked for them, I should most definitely apply it to my life!

In my 20's, I started applying my intentions to the gemstones of exactly how I wanted to feel each day; couragous, empowered, calm, and abundant. This mindset depended on what I set out to accomplish that day. I did this because my days were so full of distractions I needed a that little extra reminder to stay on track with my life.  Many times just seeing or touching my necklace, bracelet, earrings or just simply having them in my pocket would instill a gentle nudge to stay on task.  As they say, "Energy flows where your attention goes." 

Check out this fashion article on Victoria Beckham and her clothing line.  She has incorporated crystals to her Fall Collection.

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