Shelter In Place, Covid-19

Dear Swimspiration Followers and Supporters,

As a small business owner and a previous healthcare worker for 20+ years, my heart is feeling for everyone as our society battles COVID-19. Like many of you, I feel anxious for the safety and health of everyone, particularly the healthcare professionals we are entrusting with our lives. They are the definition of vulnerable, and with 80 percent of my closest friends being the healthcare warriors they are, I understand the overwhelm they are feeling and want to say, we are so grateful for your commitment everyday. Despite a lack of resources and a knowing risk to the health of yourselves and your families, you protect us and ours, and I am so thankful.

Life is changing drastically for many, and as a small business owner, I’ve felt the changes too. Most of my clients are resorts, and understandably, they’ve had to cancel orders. Although this has impacted me, I remain full of hope and encourage everyone to follow the short-term restrictions in place to do our part in protecting ourselves and others so that we can begin to heal as a world.

Each day I reflect on ways Swimspiration can continue to support all women as they look and feel beautiful while enjoying the gifts of nature and balance, which our business prioritizes. We know that Swimspiration will continue to grow and strengthen using the inspiration of you all. I wish you health and safety.

Swimspiration for Body and Soul,


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