Simply the Breast or should I Say Nipple

Well, 2020 has been proven to be a challenging year. We have been given a reprieve to dive deeper into our resolutions. While we shelter in place, with nowhere to go, Instagram has bikini babes dancing and tanning on their balconies, and back yards.  It's beautiful and feminine.   I believe all women should resolve to celebrate her lovely shape and size and even embrace the shape and size of a part of our bodies we previously have shamed: nipples.
We've been criticized and conditioned to feel self-conscious when our nipples show through our clothing, and it's time that we stop shaming each other and hiding behind bulky, chafing breast pads. Swimspirational women don't have to hide the reality of being a woman to shine bright.
Recently, someone asked me if I've considered putting breast pads in my swimsuit tops, and I've made a confident decision not to. Our swimsuits are crafted with sweat-wicking material to allow for a quick-drying process after a dip in the pool, so long after leaving the water, wet breast pads can leave you dripping like a lactating mom, even when you're not.
And for nursing moms or women who have had children like me, I know that no matter what we wear, our nipples may always be on high alert.  Or just because nipples contracting is a normal bodily function, and that applies for men too. The only difference is we don't criticize our male counterparts for it.
We're all different, and whether your nipples rise to attention after nursing your baby or simply a drop in degrees, I'm here to affirm there's no shame in it. Our dresses, blouses, sports bras, and definitely bikini tops look just as beautiful when our nipples are free to be.
Swimspiration for Body and Soul,

Photo Print: Spoonflower- Simply the Breast

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