“You deserve to feel good as hell.”

“You deserve to feel good as hell.” These wise words from singer and all-around inspiration, Lizzo, likely motivated many others beside myself. As a swimsuit designer, my passion involves making pieces that allow women to confidently lay on any beach or poolside and feel, in Lizzo’s words “good as hell.”

When I envision my customers, that confidence is the goal for them all. And if you know me, you know body positivity, healing energy, health, and highlighting all of our beautiful feminine features are at the root of my designs. There’s just too much criticism out there, so I love to help push the “every woman love your body” movement further.

This brings me to a recent social media flare-up surrounding the amazing Lizzo. After sharing a journey with followers as she embarked on a smoothie cleanse, she boasted huge health benefits. Yet, instead of unanimous praise for undertaking a cleanse at this time when most people have spent the last 10 months yielding to every culinary delight, which is totally fine by the way, she received significant criticism. What a shame.

Of the many lessons in 2020, it taught us to prioritize taking care of ourselves and others in the best way we know how. Swimspiration is continuing to evolve to fit the women we are all becoming after this unprecedented time. In the U.S., the average woman in her 20s is a size 8, and women ages 30 -50 are on average a size 12-17. Taking care of our customers the best way we know how to, means that as our business grows, so will our size range.

We are a small company that is self funded, but we are super excited about our goal to reach women of all sizes and to see our brand grow. Celebrating women was something we took away from 2020. Shaming women for any reason shouldn’t be a takeaway from the last 12 months for anyone.

As we start off this new year where everyone is undoubtedly looking forward to positive change, I hope women everywhere are resolving to celebrate themselves and each other and to cheer each other on in their health goals.

Even though Lizzo and many others weren’t met with this attitude, like I’ve grown to expect from her, she responded better than I could ever imagine, posting: “I’m a big girl who did a smoothie detox and I wanted to share it with you guys. I got exactly what I wanted out of it and every big girl should do whatever the f*?! they want with their bodies.”

Enough said.

Swimspiration for Body and Soul,


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